Monday, January 9, 2017

Here We Go!

Dawn and I have been running full bore 16 hours a day for the last 4 days but everything has come together at the last minute, and we're ready to head out tomorrow morning. Our friends Lance & Andy are here, we're socializing, and we're going to be up early to be off the dock at 6am so this will be a very short post. Yesterday was a long bitterly cold day mostly spent outside doing various rigging projects; today was much more enjoyable with a test sail with the riggers in the morning and a sea trial to commission the autopilot in the afternoon. We paid our boatyard bill (yikes), Dawn picked up Lance & Andy, I ran to top off our propane & get miscellaneous last-minute items, we've checked the weather and picked a tentative route...we're ready to head south. A few nights ago I wrote up a comprehensive list of the total work done on our boat over the last three months but that post will have to wait for the next anchorage where we have good wifi.



  1. Congratulations. Happy sailing.

  2. C'mon down and get warm! The eighties are returning to here in SouthWest Florida, and life is good.