Sunday, January 15, 2017

Epiic Arrival

A few hours after I posted yesterday our friends Dan and Isabelle on Epiic pulled into St. Augustine with their Jeanneau 41. They've been daysailing from inlet to inlet so we had leapfrogged them with our overnight passage, but didn't get too far ahead as they have a faster boat. We invited them over for sundowners, but before they came over Dan took a couple of spectacular shots of Windbird with his SLR camera.

After an hour or two of socializing in Windbird's cockpit we all agreed to move the party to Tradewinds Lounge, which the municipal marina dockmaster had recommended as a good place for live music. The place was fairly jammed, and the band (four old duffers playing mostly 60s & 70s tunes) was quite good. It was a fun night.

This morning I was up quite early for some reason; I set about putting together a spreadsheet (and later photographing the receipts) for our lightning strike insurance claim. Now that the work is finally complete, hopefully we can settle it quickly. I was glad to note that the bilge pump is working correctly today...after I posted yesterday I fished it out of the bilge and cleaned it up. I think the pressure port was clogged. Our nav lights, however, are hopeless. I did some more troubleshooting and poking around this morning after breakfast and it's obvious that the wires got pinched by the bow pulpit when the boatyard reinstalled it on the bow. It's going to need to come off again to correct the problem. I wrote the boatyard manager asking them to pay for it, we'll see what he says.

This afternoon Dawn and I walked to West Marine and Winn-Dixie, since the Sunshine Blue Bus doesn't run on Sundays. It was only 1.5 miles each way, a rather nice walk. Dawn took Piper for a walk this morning; this afternoon we succeeded in convincing him to go up and down the companionway ladder on his own.

Tonight sundowners were on Epiic. We both went to dinner in town, but in separate locations, but then we got together afterwards for a nightcap. We called it an early night since Dawn & I have to be up early tomorrow to scoot down the ICW to Daytona Beach, but it was a good time. The four of us really get along well, & it's been a pleasure getting to know Dan & Isabelle. Like us, this is all new to them, but they're smart and eager to learn. We're headed the same places so I'm sure we'll see each other quite a bit more, but we're not buddy boating per se. Both being new, I think it's good that we all go at our own pace. It sounds like they'll be coming down to Daytona a few days after us. We'll be anchoring at first and then in Halifax Harbor Marina the 18th-21st. Dawn found a DogVacay for Piper while we're in Atlanta; the lady is even picking him up at the marina.

Ok - early morning for a long day tomorrow. Off to bed with me. 

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