Thursday, January 5, 2017

Back from Boston

Back on Windbird after 4 flights, a long day of travel, and about 2 1/2 hours in Boston with Windbird's last admiral Judy Handley. We had a nice lunch at the historic Warren Tavern, in operation since 1780 making it Boston's oldest watering hole (reportedly a favorite of Paul Revere's - his home isn't far away). We talked about Windbird's new lightning-prompted upgrades, Judy's favorite places cruising, and the YouTube adventures of the Delos crew (Judy wasn't familiar, I think I got her hooked). I got the medical kit I came up for, as well as some miscellaneous hardware, receipts and paperwork. Poignantly, one of the folders Judy gave me had "Bahamas 2015" on it with a gorgeous pic of a typical Exuma contained her research for their last abortive trip on Windbird that they cut short when Mark got the bad test results that prompted the return to MA for his final, ultimately unsuccessful cancer treatment. It's sad they didn't get a final season in the Bahamas together, but I know it makes Judy happy to know that Windbird is headed that way one year later.


While I was gone Dawn had a VERY full day provisioning at several stores, plus doing several loads of laundry and picking up a spare water system pump for me at West Marine. When we got home from the airport she was tuckered out. We're both heading to bed earlyish tonight & will be back at it early tomorrow for the home stretch of getting Windbird ready to go. I'll be getting up at 7 to listen to Chris Parker's weather on the HF. If the final rigging and electronics work goes ok, we should be ready to pull out early Tuesday morning for a 28-hour downwind jaunt offshore to Fernadina Beach.


  1. Nice pictures of you and Judy, Sam! Sounds like you are reaching the home stretch and will soon be setting sail! Hope you both sleep soundly!

  2. The Warren Tavern looks like a great place! Safe travels as you prepare to head south! Heading in the right direction!!!