Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Projects in Paradise

"The definition of cruising is doing boatwork in exotic places," or so goes the oft-repeated saying. Well, we've been doing a little too little boatwork in exotic places lately so this week was catchup time. We didn't get the entire list completed but we made a dent. A lot of it was cosmetic: revarnishing brightwork, cleaning the teak deck, polishing all the stainless steel, washing and waxing the cabin top, and so forth. There were a few periodic tasks like lubing the steering cables, plus repairs like fixing the water maker, retuning the rig, and chasing down a battery charging issue. And of course the usual boat chores like reprovisioning, making/fetching water, and cleaning in preparation for our next guests. But since we are in Georgetown, we did have to take time to have fun, and so we quit around 3-4pm each day for snorkeling, hiking, visiting friends' boats, or dropping in for pickup volleyball at the Chat-N-Chill. There were a number of friends & acquaintances boats here: Elusive, Saltwater Taffy, Someday, Brown Eyed Girl, Aria, Crimson Katheryn, and Texas Two Step. And then we've gotten to know quite a few people who we just met here including Finally and Imagine. A few nights ago we had a beach party on Sand Dollar Beach that lasted long into the night; it was a really nice experience and we met a ton of cool cruisers. So life has been pretty good here in Georgetown.

That said, I have had a bit of an itch to get moving again and explore further south in the bit of the season that remains. For us, that will be practically limited to Long Island and perhaps Conception, at least this season. Our very good friends Brad & Amber flew in today; we'll rent scooters to explore Great and Little Exuma Islands tomorrow, then cruise over to Long Island on Thursday. Brad and Amber will fly out to Nassau from Stella Marris on Monday or Tuesday, then we'll have a bit of time to get to Conception and back if there's a weather window before Judy Handley flies into Georgetown on April 18th (which we're really looking forward to). I'm exhausted from a long couple of days here so I'm headed to bed now, but as always excited to see what the next day brings.

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