Monday, August 22, 2016

Making Windbird a Home

Sam and I are back on Windbird for another four days to continue working on her and become more familiar with her systems. We plan to take her for a day sail on Wednesday with the selling agent and his wife. When I've been back home, I've enjoyed purchasing things to make Windbird feel more like home.  I purchased kitchen things from the clearance sections at Target. I used these fish as my inspiration for my color theme on the boat.


I had fun looking at and purchasing a runner rug for the salon and decorative pillows. I also purchased pillows for the cockpit; however, they were just covers and were too large, I will be sending them back. 


When I spent some time on Windbird the first week in August, I took time to hang some outside cockpit lights, temporarily. We use them every single night. In fact, I'm sitting in the glow of the soft lights while writing this post. 😀


I spent a good part of the late afternoon unpacking the clearance dishes and some of the other kitchen items we checked on the flight. We're hoping to check a bag/box of things each time we visit Windbird in hopes of only having to fill the Xterra and not bring a trailer when we move at the end of October. 

Sam and I have a list of things to work on, which we started today. I believe Sam will write about them later, but I spent about three & a half hours picking up our sails from the Sail Loft so that we can do that afternoon sail on Wednesday. I'll update more later. Ta ta for now; I'm off to bed in preparation for an early morning of putting the sails back on the boat. 

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