Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pinterest - Boat Life!

I have been an active member of Pinterest for the over four years; many thanks to my sister-in-law Vanessa for showing me how to use it.  :)  My 60+ boards consist of Our Home, Crafts, Travel, Piper! (our dog), Gift Ideas, Education (curriculum, team building, and technology), various Holidays, Recipes (for all occasions), Exercising, Camping, and Birds, along with various others.  So I thought, why not create a board for our future boating life.  I wasn't sure how much I'd find on boating and living aboard a cruiser, so I created just one board Boat Life!  I have enjoyed finding various information from remodels, to decor, to growing food, to boat maintenance, to cooking aboard, etc.  I'm beginning to think I should create separate boards for Boat Life with common themes like I do for my recipes.  I'm a visual person, so using Pinterest to gather ideas is a great way for me get more of an idea what it will be like to live on a sailboat.  Now keep in mind, I haven't looked into all my posts, but I have spent some time reading further into people's blogs on how to stock the galley or what to bring aboard when you first go sailing.  Every few days, I'll take time to look at Pinterest to see if there is anything new out there.  I've noticed that some sailers have begun following my board; I need to look into their boards and consider following them too. :)

I've never been a follower of people's blogs before because I didn't know where to start, but searching through Pinterest has forced me to read other peoples' blogs.  I can spend hours looking through their blogs and pinning other ideas for myself.  I hope to spend time reading through others' sailing blogs (especially this summer when I'm not teaching) to get me more excited about this new way of life.  As I find sailing blogs, I'll be sure to share them here.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for Pinterest Boards or blogs for me to follow - thank you!

As I've become more excited about living on a sailboat, I've also created a board called Boat Clothes because I know that I may have to slightly change my wardrobe...fun, fun!

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